Asheer Rizvi

Hi! I'm a front-end developer, I make user interfaces and make them look noice.

Hello, my name is Asheer.

I am a design-focused front-end developer based in India. I create user interfaces with a focus on responsive design, web standards, accessibility, and performance. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and have been building web user interfaces, design systems, and digital products since 2017.

I hold high standards for the work that I do, and I ensure that it is:

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Fully responsive
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Accessible
  • Standards compliant
  • Performant
  • Well documented and tested
  • Follows the latest practices


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are my primary languages. TypeScript is something I like working with in large projects that are worked on by multiple developers. Besides these, I have had a decent exposure to Python, C, and C++ as well.

I have extensively used React as a UI library and have worked with frameworks like Next.js and Gatsby. Here are the various technologies with which I have worked in that endeavor:

  • For state management in React, I have used libraries like Redux, Zustand, besides concepts like state colocation and lifting state up.
  • I have done data fetching mostly through libraries like React Query, SWR, and Apollo Client.
  • For components, I prefer starting with Radix or Reach UI and adding styling on top.
  • CSS in JS is a contested topic these days, and I prefer using CSS Modules instead. Previously, I have used solutions like Styled Components, Emotion, and Stitches.
  • For testing, I have extensively used Jest, the Testing Library, and Cypress.
  • I use Mock Service Worker (MSW) for API mocking.
  • Documentation has mostly been within Storybook.

Due to the baggage that comes with React, I have been looking into alternatives like 11ty, Svelte, Solid, Astro, and Qwik. I am super interested in learning about Web Components and PWAs as well and will be adding them to my skillset very soon.

On the backend, I have some experience working with Node, Express, MongoDB, SQL, and GraphQL.

Work Experience

Front-end Developer

Biconomy (Dec 2021 - Present)

Front-end developer working on Hyphen and Biconomy’s new SDK.

Initially, I was working on Hyphen’s front-end. Currently, I am leading the efforts to re-build our front-ends using React, Next.js, CSS Modules, Jest, the React Testing Library, Cypress, etc.

Helped the team develop a robust front-end stack with a focus on scalability, performance, web standards, and testing.

Front-end Developer

Marvin (Sept 2020 - Dec 2021)

I joined as the company’s first front-end developer and worked on the front-end stack from the ground up.

For interactivity, the initial product prototype was built with jQuery; we refactored that initial code to use Vanilla JavaScript.

Later, we introduced React, Next.js, styled-components, Jest, Cypress, etc. helped the team transition from a monolith to a modern, modular codebase.

Network Engineer

HCL Tech (May 2018 - Sept 2020)

I worked as a network engineer for Cisco Managed Services. The profile entailed providing support to over 70 clients and cut across platforms such as Linux, EM7, ServiceNow, and Splunk.

Software Engineer

Wipro Tech (Aug 2017 - May 2018)

I worked as a mainframe engineer for Credit Suisse. The role mainly involved working with COBOL, JCL, IBM DB2, VSAM, and CICS.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.


Asheer is a fantastic front-end developer to work with; he is able to quickly and concisely identify issues within product objectives as well as ask for clarification regarding any open-ended project goals.

Nikhita Kale

I worked with Asheer for more than 2 years, and I can surely say that he is one of the most efficient, smart, and intellectual people to work with.

Avinash Pandey

Asheer has been one of the best seniors I have had at my workplace. Being a novice at the job, he proved to be a go-to person who was always ready to listen and help solve the difficulties.

Pranjal Mahajan

Asheer has very good industry knowledge. He helps his colleagues whenever they are stuck and clears their doubts.

Ajaya Kumar

Asheer is an amazing engineer and person. He can build things quickly and with quality. Adapting to changes and solving challenges are some of his fortes.

Santosh Viswanatham


  • Video Games (PC over consoles)
  • Reading (high fantasy and historical fiction)
  • MotoGP (Rossi is the 🐐)
  • F1 (the politics is spicy)
  • Food (my city is well-known for its cuisines)